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About Me: I am a self publishing Author from Cleveland, Ohio

I am a self publishing Author. I was born in Elkton, Kentucky, raised in Evansville, Indiana and now living in Cleveland, Ohio. Enjoying my life to the fullest. I enjoy helping others through my writing and in my community. I came from a family of nine. I have tried to live my life helping others and doing the best I could to show compassion towards others. What I realized later was that through all the experiences, God was molding me into the person He had always wanted me to be. It took me years to understand this concept. Now that I am older and wiser, I am very careful as to whom I allow to be in my surroundings. It gives me great pleasure to say that I no longer let anyone have power over my soul, except Christ.

My writing roots:

Share how you got started as a writer and why. I started writing after the death of my mom in 2008. Writing was a healing process for me. Through my writing I was able to release a lot of feelings that were holding me back from my true purpose in life. I truly enjoyed writing my first book. My New Life's Journey, Entering God's Bliss. My book covers the trials and tribulations of my life as a child up until my current life. I am a survivor of childhood molestations, spousal abuse and domestic violence. Within the pages you recognize me bearing my cross and walking by faith. I use the explicit tales of my life as an example, to steer others from making negative choices. As I layed helpless in the hospital due to a surgery gone wrong, I lost my battle with life. The Lord had taken me on a quick journey to show me what He had in store for me and my future. The doctors worked frantically over me the next couple of minutes to revive me. Six days later I opened my eyes with my god son at my bed side.. The doctors had managed to bring me back from this short journey with a story to tell of what I had experienced within those six days. In this book, I will cut no corners and tell it like it is. Prepare to be enlightened as you enter God's Bliss.

My style

My style of writing is to inspire and encourage others through my own personal experiences in life. I tell the truth in hopes of helping someone else along the way in life. No good decision was ever made when it started off as a lie. I truly believe in this with my whole heart.

My book can be purchased through Amazon. I can also be located at LuLu.com or Bookfinder4u.com. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on my website. You can also locate me on facebook or you can email me at:scott5941@roadrunner.com